Dresser Refresher

This dresser had definitely seen better days. Finding it marked our first try at flips and restorations. We were determined to build ourselves a wine rack and had searched the flea market for a couple of weeks now in the hopes of finding something suitable. We picked this up for $40 from one of the vendors at Elephant’s Trunk. It was pretty old, covered with water rings on top and missing hardware on the drawers, but it was heavy, solid and sturdy. It also had a nice pattern on the face to the slender drawer at the top.

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Equipment list

The project

We got it back to the our garage workshop and stared at it for a while and came up with the plan. The first thing we did was to pry out the cross bar that supported the top drawer.

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We then got some wood and hardware to build shelving inside along with the components for the wine rack.

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After that it was a question of taping, staining and painting and installing the hardware elements. The one hitch we had here was the wine rack elements. We had three that we stacked on the left side but we had to saw off the four metal circular feet so that the three would fit completely. A little bit of a chore but it worked.

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The result

dresser 18

The this project gave us a ton of confidence and let us know that we could definitely do a lot more of this in the future.

If you’re working on or planning to work on a similar project, have any suggestions or would just like to let us know your thoughts about this project, let us know in the comments or send us a PM. We’d love to hear from you.

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