Mirror Treasure

On the day we found this mirror, Anne and I weren’t in search of anything in particular. We were simply there more for a morning out together. We’d walked the familiar rows of the flea market, taking our usual pattern and pausing at the occasional item, when we came across this, at the tail end of the morning.

Now we’ve heard that sometimes, as the morning wears on, vendors will lower their prices so they don’t have to pack up and take so many items back. This is a situation in which we feel that may have happened, because we got it for just $20!

Though it had seen better days, we couldn’t help but to appreciate its sturdy solid wood frame.  It was pretty dirty, covered in cobwebs and had a good amount of scratches, chips and stains on the wood as well as some paint on the glass. But that was nothing that a little work couldn’t fix.

The Project

We lightly and carefully sanded it, from top to bottom, with 100 sand paper, scraped the glass clean with the flat side of a box cutter blade, applied three coats of dark wipe on stain with an old t-shit and replaced the wooden pegs with some new inexpensive hardware.


The Result


Our Project Rating


Products we used:

If you’re working on or planning to work on a similar project, have any suggestions or would just like to let us know your thoughts about this project, let us know in the comments or send us a PM. We’d love to hear from you.


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