Our plan for a Plant Stand

Our hunt for the cheap and charming continues and on this particular Sunday we were looking for something to rest our plants on, by the window of our office, turned, game room turned music room.

When we head out to look for something specific, we try to take notes at home, measuring the spaces we want to fill and carry a small tape measure with us to the flea market. This way if we run across something that look right we can take measurements to be sure.

We came across this metalwork piece and really liked it right away. Especially with its price tag of $40 and its perfect size.

The project

Once we got it home, we took an old table top to rest it on in the back yard, scrubbed it clean and grabbed the can of Rust-oleum to give it a heavy coat and even finish.

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It had no top or glass or anything so we had to come up with a way to create one. We didn’t want to get glass because it just seemed like a hassle. So we decided to go with wood because we love the mix of wood and metal.

We didn’t want to just lay the plank on top of the metal though, as we felt it would look a bit bland. So we measured and cut an inexpensive plank, so that it would fit and fill the space between within the frame, leaving about 1/8″ clearance on all sides.

Then we chose the side with the most interesting grain pattern and applied several coats of wood finish.

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To attach it to the frame, we got some inexpensive flat brackets, spray painted those with several coats of the same black paint, measured them so they would line up evenly along the plank and set them in with the screws, which we decided to leave unpainted.

Lastly, since its a plant stand, it would likely get wet often and be subject to potential scuffs and scratches from heavy pots and plants, so we gave it several coats of polyurethane.

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The result

plant stand 12

We’re still debating baskets for the bottom, but we’ll get around to that in time.

Our Project Rating


Products we used:

If you’re working on or planning to work on a similar project, have any suggestions or would just like to let us know your thoughts about this project, let us know in the comments or send us a PM. We’d love to hear from you.

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