Stairwell Shelves (Part 1)

This weekend a thought crossed our mind on what we could do to take advantage of a space we have in our stairs heading down to the family room.

The before and (hopeful) after

It’s a kind of odd opening, but since we recently tackled the stairs in another all in DIY (we’ll post that soon), we thought it would be good to bring the updated look down into the family room.

Here’s where it is now.


Thanks to a little time in photoshop, here is where we’d like it to be when we’re done. We’d like to add three rows of shelves and alternate their layout a bit as you go down the space.


We posted it on Reddit and received some great thoughts and ideas that we’d like to incorporate. As always, we have no idea how it will turn out but we’re going to dive in and see where it goes.

As with our other projects, we’ll post the process, materials, tools, difficulty and results when it’s complete, just in case you’re looking at doing something similar.


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