How this began: Necessity really is the mother of invention

When we purchased our first home, it was green on the outside, green on all walls inside, covered in shag carpeting, wallpaper, linoleum tiles and a host of other issues, but it was home. The first home for us and our 3 and 1 year old daughters.

As with most young couples, we found ourselves realizing that home ownership came with often unexpected and daunting financial challenges, and as the reality of just how little we could afford set in, we realized that our home wouldn’t be changing any time soon. We learned early that the only way this would all get done, is if we did it ourselves…

It’s been quite a few years since then and in that time we’ve come a long way, in the world of DIY. We’re not professionals and we have no formal training but what we do have is a willingness to try, a bit of a sense of adventure and an enjoyment for the escape this process has brought us since we began this journey together. We’ve learned a lot and are still learning.

This blog is about our journey into the down and dirty, scary, exciting and ultimately, extremely rewarding world of DIY. It’s only with the encouragement of friends and family that we got the courage to share what we’ve experienced. But our blog isn’t just about our DIY projects. It’s about all of our projects, because we’re hoping to hear about what you’ve have experienced as well.


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